BMK-20 Facebook Groups

About this guide

In late 2013 Facebook decreased the 'organic reach' of Facebook Pages. This means that if you wrote a post on your Facebook Page, only a small fraction of your Page's followers would see it. By the start of 2014 organic reach was around 6% so if you have 500 likes on your Page, you could only expect around 30 people to regularly see your posts. Organic reach is expected to continue to decline in 2014.

To overcome this problem we have put together a strategy that uses Groups in Facebook. The approach is a little different to setting up a Page so this guide will explain step-by-step what to do. By the end of this guide you will know exactly how to set up a Group that encourages students in your local area to join in and get involved. This strategy is expected to have a far higher chance of success compared to setting up a Page in Facebook.

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