EXP-06 Selling Affiliate Products

About this guide

As mentioned in EXP-00 Multiple Streams of Income, you can actually earn money in different ways as a guitar teacher. You're not just limited to face-to-face lessons. This guide will explain how you could start earning money by selling affiliate products. The guide will explain what that means, why you should consider it and how to get started. Consistently earning money from affiliate products is very difficult but very possible.

If after reading this guide you feel it will be too much work, read through the other guides in this EXP series until you find something you feel will work for you.

What Are Affiliate Products

The basic set up is that you when somebody buys a product online after clicking a link on your site, you earn a commission on that sale. The main benefit from earning money this way is once the details are set up on your website, you don't need to do anything further. It's a form of passive income so it can actually earn you money without any effort.

The amount of commission you earn depends on the Affiliate Program you join. As an example, the Affiliate Program at musiciansfriend.com has their commission rate at 6%. So if somebody buys a $500 guitar after clicking on your affiliate link, you will earn $30 ($500 x 6%) on that one sale.

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