EXP-05 Testing Business Ideas

About this guide

As mentioned in EXP-00 Multiple Streams of Income there are many different ways you can earn money as a guitar teacher. You may have come up with a few ideas and aren't sure whether they will be worth your time and effort. Deciding which business ideas to go with isn't an easy task. This guide will give you a strategy you can use to figure out which business ideas have the best chance of making you money. By the end of the guide you will know how to test any new business ideas you come up with.

The goal is to work out which business ideas have the best chance of making money for you. Once you use this strategy to test your ideas, you will know whether they're worth pursuing or not.

Testing New Ideas Properly

Once you start to understand how multiple streams of income can impact your financial situation, you will probably start coming up with new ideas on how to earn money as a guitar teacher. The rest of the EXP series provides different ways you can earn money.

As an example: let's say you want to start earning money by selling an eBook. You're not sure whether people will be interested in your idea for the book. Being able to easily test your idea will help you decide if the effort to write the eBook will be worth it or not.

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