EXP-13 Cross-Selling & Up-Selling

About this guide

Cross-selling and up-selling are two of the most underutilized practices with guitar teachers. Successful businesses and professionals in other industries know how powerful cross-selling and up-selling can be but most guitar teachers are unaware of the practices or how to use them.

If you've heard of the terms before, you might hesitate because you think it means being pushy or salesy. But in this guide you'll see that you can give you students a better lessons experience when you cross sell or up sell in the right way. It's not just about making you more money, it's also about making your students happier.

In this guide we will look at what both practices are, why you should use them and various examples of how to use them. By the end of the guide you will have enough information to start using one or both practices to raise your income.

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