BPL-02 Setting up your timetable

About this guide

After you decide on the type of tuition service you will offer people (read BPL-01 for more information), the next step is to set up your timetable. Having a timetable planned out and ready to go will help you sound like a professional even if you are yet to teach your first student. An unprofessional tutor will often run into trouble due to poor timetable planning. This guide will help you answer the important questions and set up the right timetable for you.

Why it’s important to properly set up your timetable

Set up your timetable poorly and you risk burning out. If you don’t set limits and control when you have students, you could end up with more students than you can manage and spend so much time teaching you won’t have any time for yourself.

Set up your timetable effectively and you will love teaching, as well as make great money. While it’s not hard to properly set up your timetable, many tutors overlook this important stage and run into issues later on. Now let's look at some important areas to think about.

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