BPL-08 Setting Your Rates 1: Comparing the Competition

Why it’s important to compare what you offer to other tutors

What you set your lesson rates at will have the biggest impact on your income. Although that seems obvious, the truth is that many tutors don’t put serious thought into setting their rates. As a result, they either price themselves so low they don't make much money, or they set them so high that nobody wants to go with them. This guide will help you work out the best possible rate to charge your students.

This guide uses real life case studies to help you understand how to effectively set your rates.

In this part, we will look at how to find your local competitors and work out a way to offer a better service for students. After comparing your competition, you will be able to decide how to price your lessons to maximize your income, as well as keep your students satisfied. After you read through this guide, check out BPL-09 Setting Your Rates 2: Prepaid Lessons & Discounts for more specific strategies to increase your income.

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