BMK-22 How to Sell like Apple

About this guide

Whether you like Apple products or not, there's no denying that they're excellent marketers. The launch of any new iProduct is always met with people camping out the front of their stores and people buying them up in a frenzy. From the release of the first iPod in 2001, Apple has grown to a value of over $700B. While you as a guitar teacher may not be selling shiny electronic devices like Apple, we can learn from their marketing expertise.

How do Apple convince a person with an iPhone 5 to buy an iPhone 6? How do they convince people that they also need to buy an Apple Watch and an iPad?

This guide will break down a few key elements of Apple's marketing tactics and show you how you can apply them to your own business.

Experts of Sales Copy

'Copy' is what marketers call any text used to persuade people to take an action. The text on your website is sales copy - the purpose of that text is to establish your credibility and persuade potential students to contact you and sign up for lessons. Apple are experts at Copywriting and have been following a steady formula for quite a number of years.

Let's look at a few elements out of Apple's marketing then look at how you can apply these lessons to your own marketing.

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