New Q&A Section

While our guides, courses and workshops cover a wide range of business and teaching topics in detail, sometimes you need some easy starting points.

Maybe you have a difficult situation with a student and don't know what to do or you want to grow your business. Whatever questions you have on your mind, our new Q&A section will help you out.

Here are some of the questions we've already answered:

  • How do I start teaching guitar via Skype?
  • How do I get my students to practice?
  • How can I rank higher in search engines?
  • Should I spend money on paid advertising?
  • How can I deal with students breaking my policies?

Having a strategy for the above questions can make a big difference to your success. The goal of the Q&A section is to give you a quick and easy way to find answers for questions on your mind.

If you don't see an answer for your question, simply ask us and we'll create a detailed answer for you.

Check out the Q&A Section now (also available in the 'Guides and Advice Menu).