This website provides you with everything you need to teach guitar.

Access professional lesson plans and materials, business advice, teaching advice and even step-by-step how-to guides, this website will provide you with the ultimate tools and resources to earn money as a guitar teacher

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Lesson Materials

Professionally written lesson materials ready for you to print and give to your students. Every lesson contains a detailed step-by-step walkthrough

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Detailed Guides & Advice

Detailed business and teaching how-to-guides and advice will help you run your teaching business effectively and stand out above the competition.

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Your own website

Get your own professional website to help you find new students and spread the word about your tuition service. No programming skills needed, set up within five minutes.

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Make a living teaching guitar

This website gives you all the teaching resources you need to make a living teaching guitar. Everything is included that you could possibly need to teach guitar such as:

  • Printable teaching material to give to your students – a wide range available
  • Business guides and advice to do everything from setting lesson rates to marketing
  • Teaching guides and advice to help you teach guitar using effective methods
  • Set up your own website to find new students and promote yourself

The resources available can save you hundreds of hours every year in preparing materials which translates to thousands of dollars worth of lesson time.

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  • ~ Want to teach your student how to play the blues?

    "The blues is easy to teach and students love being able to play the simple rhythms and play easy blues licks. You can use BLU-02 to teach your student how to improvise and BLU-03 to teach your student how to play the 12 bar blues shuffle."

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