BWS-10 Case Study: Matt Warnock

About this guide

Seeing how other guitarists successfully use their website to promote their lessons or products is a great way to improve your own website. Rather than take a trial and error approach, you can follow paths other teachers have successfully taken and try to replicate their results.

In this guide we'll take a look at Matt Warnock's website and how he uses it to promote his lessons and products.

Who is Matt Warnock

If you're interested in Jazz, the chances are you would have stumbled on Matt Warnock's website at some point. If you teach Jazz then the chances are even higher that your students have seen his website.

The reason we are looking at Matt as a case study is because his website ranks very well for keywords related to learning Jazz. He has built up a solid reputation online as a Jazz guitar teacher and has a large following across social media.

His website isn't perfect, but he gets a lot of things right so its worth checking out. You don't need to copy everything he does with his website. Instead, think about what parts you can take across and use on your website.

Take a Look at Matt's Website Before Continuing

Before we analyze his website, check it out:

Read through different pages, check out what products he has for sale and get an overall feel for his website. Think about what you like about it and what you don't like about it. Take notes on any areas you feel are important. Now let's dig into it and see what you can take across to your own website.

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