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Download and print professionally formatted lesson materials in a wide range of topics. From absolute basics such as tuning the guitar, to advanced concepts such as music theory, you can use these lessons for all your students. Instead of teaching out of a generic guitar book, you can use these lesson plans to create your own custom learning course that will fit each individual student.

Each resource contains a step-by-step suggested lesson plan you can use to teach the content effectively. Even if you have never taught guitar before, you can use the guides to give your student the best possible learning experience. On the other hand if you are an experienced teacher, you can use the instructions to find new ways of teaching the material.

Lessons are constantly updated and new lessons will ensure you always have fresh material you can give to your students. Just imagine how much time and effort you could save by simply downloading lessons from this site!

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To get an idea of the quality of the lessons available, you can check out lesson BEG-06 1234 Finger Warm Up. The typical lesson plan contains the materials you can print out then includes a 'teacher's guide' explaining the content. Check out our current range of lessons available in our Lesson Materials Section.

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