Learn how to teach children guitar

There are countless children out there wanting to learn guitar. This is a massive opportunity for you as a guitar teacher. If you gain a reputation as a teacher who is very good at teaching children, you can become very successful in your area. This article will look at what you need to do to teach children guitar effectively. Teach children guitar the right way and they will enjoy your lessons and be excited to go home and practice. Teach children the wrong way and you'll encounter a lot of problems until the student finally gives up.


Keeping children interested in guitar

The key to teaching children guitar effectively is to ensure the student is always interested in learning more. Many guitar teachers get this wrong and end up getting frustrated with children not paying attention during lessons. To keep your student interested, you need to use effective lesson plans designed for children. Using custom lesson plans gives you flexibility because you can choose exactly what to teach your student rather than relying on whatever is in a guitar method book.


Giving children challenges within their reach

There are two ways you can completely frustrate children during lessons. The first is to give a student something far too hard and outside of their current abilities. Children will quickly realize when something is far too hard and can give up really quickly. The other way you can frustrate them is by not challenging them at all. If you spend two months teaching them how to play 'Mary had a little lamb', they will quickly become bored and give up. When you teach children guitar, make sure you give them challenges within their reach. It will help them feel like they are progressing while not feeling too hard.


How to motivate children to practice

One of the biggest issues some teachers face when teaching children guitar is when students don't practice during the week. There could be many reasons why the student didn't practice but it's likely to be because they haven't been motivated properly. Fortunately there are many different strategies you can use to keep your student interested and motivated to practice.

One way you can encourage your student to practice is by using rewards. Arrange with the student's parents to set up a routine where the student practices for 15 minutes every day. Every day they practice, they get a sticker in a little book that can be used towards certain prizes (eg: a capo). Something as simple as a reward like a sticker can be enough to motivate a child to practice regularly.


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