Whether you're just starting to learn how to teach guitar or have been teaching for years, these tips will help you improve your teaching abilities. They also show how Live and Teach Guitar can help you develop as a guitar teacher. Check out the links to resources to get the most out of these tips.


1. Learn effective teaching techniques

You become a better teacher when you can use proven teaching methods in your lessons. Study our training courses to start using proven methods and strategies now.


2. Compare your rates to your competitors

Setting your lesson rates right will ensure you earn the income you deserve. Compare your rates to compete effectively and find out how to use discounts and prepaid lessons effectively.


3. Set up and promote your own website

More and more students now look online to find a teacher so if you don't have a website, they won't find you. Set up your own website here now. We will even help you promote it.


4. Decide whether you want to teach young kids or not

Some teachers enjoy teaching kids while others find it a nightmare. See the potential issues with teaching young children and make a decision whether you want to or not.


5. Focus on your strengths

Nobody is an expert in every aspect of guitar and teaching guitar. Find out what your strengths are teaching guitar and focus on those strengths.


6. Find out what your weaknesses are

Every guitar teacher has weaknesses, do you know what yours are? Do an honest self assessment and work on eliminating your weaknesses.


7. Learn when to say no to a prospective student

There are times when it's the right for you and the student to say no. Find out when it's in everybody's best interest to say no to prospective students.


8. Teach online via Skype

Want to teach guitar whenever you want without having to worry about location? Find out how to get started teaching online via Skype


9. Promote your lessons using Facebook

Over a billion people are now on Facebook. More importantly, Facebook can potentially bring you a new source of students. Find out how to use Facebook to find new students.


10. Teach your student different instruments

Give your student some variety once in a while to keep them interested and challenged. Try teaching them how to play the Ukulele or Banjo or any other instrument you have access to.


11. Study how we learn new skills

Once you understand how we learn and develop new skills, you will be able to improve the learning process for your students. Take our online course to find out how we learn new skills.


12. Give an effective first lesson

The first lesson you have with a student is the most important as you need to prove that you're the right teacher for them. Find out how to give an effective first guitar lesson.


13. Use mnemonics to improve student's memory

Using simple mnemonic devices in your lessons can greatly improve your student's recall of new information. Learn how to use mnemonic devices in your guitar lessons now.


14. Use Evernote to stay organized

Whether you have three students or thirty, you need to stay organized. Take advantage of Evernote to organize your entire guitar teaching business.


15. Find somebody to teach you guitar

Guitar is a never ending learning process. Regardless of your current skill level, find somebody to teach you. As a bonus to developing new skills and insights, you can even analyze their teaching techniques.


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