EXE-16 Rhythm Groupings

About this lesson

This lesson will teach your student how to recognize different rhythm patterns in songs. The exercises are designed to teach the student to think about certain groups of notes (eg: 3, 5, 6, etc.) and to be able to play any group of notes naturally. At first this can be difficult for beginners but the result is that the student will start to be able to figure out rhythm patterns by ear faster and easier. The exercises on the lesson plan also teach the student how to come up with their own rhythm patterns and to think about how they play each pattern.

This guitar lesson plan will teach your student:

  • How to think about rhythm
  • To play any group of notes naturally
  • Combine different rhythm groups to form complicated rythyms
  • Practice strumming chords

Advanced students will also benefit from this lesson plan as it will help them identify any weaknesses in their rhythm sense or skills. All students will benefit from being able to play these exercises.

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