REG-01 Reggae Style Chords

About this lesson

This guitar lesson plan will teach your student the basics of reggae style rhythm playing. Even if your student isn't interested in learning reggae, the examples are great exercises to help your student develop their rhythm abilities. The examples use various chord positions all over the neck so your student will get to learn new positions they can use in their playing. The included instructions explains each example and how to think about the rhythm.

This lesson is great for intermediate guitarists as the rhythms used will be challenging. Once your student manages to master these exercises they will find that their rhythm abilities take a massive leap forward. As reggae often uses effects such as wah, phaser, delay, flanger etc. this lesson could be used to show how different effects change the feel of a piece. After your student learns the examples, you can repeat the lesson using various effects. Your student will love using a wah with these examples.

This guitar lesson plan will help your student:

  • Learn new chord positions all over the neck
  • Understand how chord voicing changes the overall sound of a chord
  • Practice 16th note rhythm patterns
  • Develop a percussive style rhythm technique
  • Learn a new playing style

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