CHD-01 Triads, Sus & Add Chords

About this lesson plan

This guitar lesson plan will help you introduce a few different chord types to your student. This material is set out to help your student learn to recognize each chord type when used in music. Each chord is used in a different music example so your student can see how they can use the chord as well. The idea behind the lesson is that your student will eventually begin to recognize chords in songs by ear. Rather than simply giving your student a chord chart with each type of chord, you can use this lesson plan to introduce each type of chord and your student can learn to each the unique characteristic of each type.

The chords covered in this lesson plan are:

  • Major and minor triads
  • Augmented triad
  • Sus4
  • Minor add9
  • Add11
  • Add6

The included instruction sheet will give you ideas on how to use the lesson plan. The instructions will give you a guide on how to explain the chords to your student and how to get them thinking about each chord's unique sound.

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