IMP-02 Passing Tones

About this lesson

This is a great lesson for any student who is starting to learn improvising. Quite often the student will start to improvise then hit a plateau when they realize they're playing the same stuff over and over. They may feel like everything they play sounds the same and even if they try different scales it all sounds the same.

The solution to this problem is to teach your student how to use passing tones to add 'color' or 'flavor' to their improvisation. This lesson will introduce passing tones and show the student in various exercises how they can incorporate passing tones in their playing. The included Teacher's Guide will explain the best approach to this content and will help you explain in simple terms how the student can use passing tones. Although an understanding of music theory will definitely help, the lesson is written in a way that the student doesn't need to fully understand scale theory.

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