BLU-03 12 Bar Blues Shuffle

About this lesson

Blues is a fun style for beginners to learn because it doesn't take long to learn the basics of the style. Behind many blues jams and songs is the 12 bar blues shuffle. This lesson plan will teach your student how to play the 12 bar blues shuffle in any key. Once your student learns the theory behind the progression and how to apply it, they will enjoy being able to jam with other musicians and create their own blues jams. The included instructions will help you explain the theory in the easiest way possible. The material clearly labels the important points and demonstrates how the theory is applied.

If your student wants to learn how to play the blues, this is an excellent starting point.

This guitar lesson plan will teach your student:

  • How to figure out the chord progression in any key
  • Theory behind chords and keys
  • Applying chord theory to create new progressions
  • How to play the basic 12 bar blues progression

When you use this lesson plan in combination with other lesson plans on blues or improvisation, it creates a very effective way to understand how blues works.

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