This course sets a simple challenge: earn at least $100 per month online by selling your own product or service. If you have an idea for a guitar related book, course or any other product idea, you can use this course to create an online business from scratch and start earning an income from your idea. The course provides you with everything you need to know to build up a business that earns at least $100 per month in income.

While the challenge is to earn $100 per month, in reality once you hit that target, you can realistically continue to earn $500 per month or even over $1000 per month. That's the real purpose of the challenge - to create a viable source of income for you.


This course will show you how to:

  • Validate your product ideas quickly
  • Land your first 3 sales
  • Set up a website to sell your product/service
  • Write relevant content
  • Attract traffic to your website
  • Turn your website visitors into followers
  • Use social media to spread the word on your product
  • Learn the basics of copywriting
  • Handle feedback from customers
  • Track every aspect of your business
  • Make improvements to your website's performance
  • Earn over $100 per month and more