Guitar Worksheets

New guitar teaching resource: Worksheets now available

Members can now access guitar worksheets to print off and give to students. These worksheets are different than the guitar lesson plans currently available. Worksheets are focused on a very narrow topic and require the student to answer questions on the sheet. The example below is a worksheet on identifying the notes in the C Major Scale. This worksheet asks the student to identify notes on the staff as well as on Guitar TAB. Each exercise will test the student out in different ways.

Guitar Worksheets

Each worksheet available for download contains an answer key which you can either give to your student after they fill out the answers or you can keep for your reference. On advanced topics having a worksheet saves you from having to figure out all the answers on your own.

The new worksheets will be available in the Lesson Materials Section below the standard guitar lesson plans. We will continue to create both resources so you always have different materials to work with.

The first worksheet available, WNR-01 Random Notes C Major Scale is available now. Print it off and give it to your student and see how well they do. A simple test like this one is a great way to see what areas your student needs to work on.