New lesson material: DADGAD Tuning

A new resource has been included in the Lesson Materials Section on DADGAD Tuning. DADGAD (pronounced dad-gad) is a popular tuning due to the Dsus4 chord it creates across the open strings. DADGAD can be found in a wide range of styles including Celtic music. It is also sometimes used in rock and can be found in quite a few Led Zeppelin songs. The tuning is similar to Drop D with the difference being the 1st and 2nd strings are also tuned down a whole tone.

Access the resource here: TUN-05 DADGAD Tuning

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TUN-05 DADGAD Tuning

About this lesson

DADGAD is an interesting tuning and used across a wide range of styles. It is very popular in Celtic music but can be found in rock such as a lot of Led Zeppelin's music. DADGAD tuning creates a Dsus4 chord across the open strings and because sus4 is neither major or minor, this type of tuning is called a 'modal' tuning. The included instructions will help you explain the tuning to your student and help them change to DADGAD from Standard using their ears.

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