New lesson material: Phrasing

A new guitar lesson plan is available covering the basics on phrasing. If your student wants to learn to improvise and write better licks and solos, then phrasing is essential. Phrasing is the way a lick is played. Using stylistic techniques the student will learn how to take a basic lick and change the way it sounds.

Access the lesson plan here: INT-10 Phrasing

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INT-10 Phrasing

About this lesson

Phrasing is an incredibly important topic that many guitarists neglect. Phrasing involves thinking about how each note is played using stylistic techniques. This lesson plan will teach your student how they can use techniques such as hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, bends and vibrato to change the phrasing of a lick. The lesson plan contains an example lick with basic phrasing as well as several examples on how to apply certain techniques to change the phrasing of the lick. The included lesson instructions provide advice on how to teach the lesson.

This guitar lesson plan will help your student:

  • Improve their lead playing
  • Develop their own playing style
  • Apply stylistic techniques
  • Modify phrasing of licks

Before teaching this lesson it's important the student has good control over techniques so they can focus on applying them.

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