New Training Course: The $100 per Month Challenge

Do you have an idea for a guitar related product or service you could sell online? Perhaps you have an idea for a guitar method book or an online course to teach beginners how to play basic songs. Whatever your idea is, there is the potential to earn an income from it. As explained in EXP-00 multiple streams of income are an excellent way to increase your financial security as a guitar teacher.

The $100 per Month Challenge is simple: earn at least $100 per month consistently online selling your own product or service.

The reason for the $100 target is also simple: a lot of effort needs to be put into your online business before you can start to expect results. Too many people give up early because they don't see results instantly. The $100 per month target is a way to tell when you've put enough effort in that results will start to follow.

Here's a sneak preview of one of the examples the course uses:

This is the number of page views a website has built up over time. The website in the example follows the exact method explained in the course. In the beginning you can see that the website didn't have many views. In fact, it took the website almost 12 months to begin earning $100 per month consistently. But look at the long term trend - after all the hard work, the website continues to grow to this day and earn significantly over $100 per month. As you can see, the website shown has almost 12,000 page views per month. The point is that by following the strategies explained in the course and sticking to the $100 challenge, you can also create your own online business that can earn you a significant income.

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This is a 'Level 2' course which means that to be able to access this course you must first complete the Guitar Teaching Business Fundamentals Course. Level 2 courses cover advanced topics so the business fundamentals course is needed to cover the basics first.

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