New Lesson Plans - Celtic, Metal and more

Here's a few more new resources available to members. We're trying to create a wide variety of resources so you will always have new and interesting lessons to give your students. More to come shortly!

CEL-01 Basic Celtic Solo Piece

This lesson plan will introduce your student to a Celtic style piece. The lesson plan breaks the structure of the piece down so the student can actually learn how to create their own similar piece. This lesson is also handy when teaching your student how to create any solo piece - not just Celtic influenced.


MET-05 Metal Riff Exercises 1

The exercises in this lesson plan are very handy when teaching students wanting to learn metal. The exercises focus on coordination between both hands and applying palm muting. Once your student develops the skills used in these exercises they will find a lot of metal riffs much easier.


SCE-03 F Major Scale Exercises

These exercises will help your student feel comfortable with the F Major Scale. The exercises focus on different intervals so the student will also learn to move up and down using different intervals.


New Business Guide: BPL-10 Setting Your Rates 3: Changing Your Rates

This business guide continues on from the first two on setting your rates. This one will explain the importance of regularly reviewing your lesson rates and how much of an impact it can have on your overall income. The guide continues to give you strategies on how to increase your rates and how to deal with existing students who may not like the higher rate. All teachers should read this guide as it's important to regularly review your rates.

Want to see a specific topic covered in a guide or lesson plan? Contact us here to suggest it and we'll look at creating it for you.