New lesson material: Eb Tuning

A new reference sheet is available in the Lesson Materials Section on Eb Tuning. This tuning, sometimes called 'Eb Standard', is when all six strings are tuned down a semitone. Many guitarists use this tuning so it's worth teaching your student how to change back and forth between Eb and Standard. The reference sheet contains all the essential information on the tuning as well as instructions on how to explain it.

Access the resource here: TUN-03 Eb Tuning

There are reference sheets on other tunings under the TUN series in the Lesson Materials Section.

TUN-03 Eb Tuning

About this lesson

This simple resource is very hand when your student wants to learn songs tuned down to Eb. Eb tuning is when all strings are tuned down a semitone. The tuning is sometimes called 'Eb Standard' as it still uses the same intervals between the strings as Standard tuning. Many guitarists play in Eb such as Jimi Hendrix so it's worth teaching your student about the tuning in case they come across it in songs. The included instructions will help you explain the most important points about the tuning.

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