Why the right guitar lesson plans are so important when teaching adults

Adults can be tough to teach. They want to see progress straight away and they want clear explanations.

Have you ever had the shock of an adult student quitting after only a couple lessons because 'guitar wasn't what they thought it would be' or they 'didn't see any improvements'?

Then you know the feeling of frustration when you try so hard to teach these adults who want everything right away. It can be confusing why these students would give up so soon. The truth is it isn't your fault and most times it isn't the student's fault either.

Using the wrong lesson plans for adults can give them the wrong impressions and work against your teaching. When you have a student giving up only after a couple lessons, it's almost always due to the lesson plans used. When you use lesson plans that haven't been designed to teach adults by guitar teachers, they won't work and they will make your job extremely tough. If you give your student a standard guitar book from a music shop as their main learning tool, they think 'I could learn this all myself'.

If you use the right lesson plans and teaching materials when teaching adults, you will notice that they:

  • Enable them to see progress straight away
  • Continuously encourage them to practice
  • Don't give everything away (like a book does)
  • Allow you to demonstrate your expertise

In other words, if you use well designed lesson plans, they will make your job a lot easier. More importantly, the materials will remind your student that they need you as a teacher.

What makes good quality lesson plans

To be effective, the lesson plans you use need to have certain qualities. The materials you use for adults need to be very different to guitar lesson plans for kids. They must:

  • Allow your students to clearly see their progress
  • Be consistent from lesson to lesson
  • Clearly explain the content
  • Continuously introduce new challenges

If your current lesson plans don't cover all of these points perfectly, your student will question your expertise as a tutor. In other words, if you use poor quality materials, you have to work extra hard to make up for it or else your student won't think you know what you're teaching.

The reason we have focused so much on the above points is because we use the materials as teachers. We have experienced adults who don't have the patience to practice or who expect to be experts within weeks. That's why we stopped teaching from books from guitar shops that give the wrong impression and started the long and challenging process of designing effective learning materials. Guitar books give the wrong impression because they imply that the student just needs to read from cover to cover and they will understand everything.

Now that we teach adults using our professionally designed lesson plans, the difference is obvious. Adults come into each lesson willing to give you their full attention because they aren't fooled into thinking they can learn from a book. Your students will realize that they need you as well as your materials. That's how powerful the right materials can be.

How our lesson plans will keep your adult students motivated

As explained above, when you teach out of a guitar book, the book implies that the student could really teach himself. They think that all they need is to read it cover to cover and they will learn on their own.

Alternatively, when you teach using our lesson plans which have been purposely designed to remind the student that they need you, your students will realize that your time is worth their money and their attention.

Our lesson plans for adults work because they were written by guitar teachers who understand what it's like to teach adults. We know what works and what doesn't so you know our materials will work. You don't have to stress over writing your own materials then finding out by trial and error whether they will work or not. You don't have to do the hard work in designing effective materials because we have done it for you. Being able to print off a lesson plan five minutes before the next lesson and teach it effectively is an incredible feeling.

Access high quality lesson plans for adults right now

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