Looper pedals: A guitar teacher's best friend

The benefits of some gear are obvious: a metronome will help a student with their timing, a tuner will keep the student's guitar in tune (well duh!) and a drum machine will teach the student to think creatively and jam along with different rhythms. While most guitar teachers are familiar with these tools, many have not had the chance to see how a looper pedal can enhance your lessons.

There are so many looper pedals available today which means you have plenty of choice on what features you want and what price you're willing to pay. Being able to instantly record and play back your student's playing can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your lessons. The reason a looper is so valuable to a guitar teacher is because it can give your student instant feedback. Feedback is the key to learning and development.

If you don't already have a looper pedal, read through our guide TTL-07 Looper Pedals to find out how to use them in your lessons. Once you realize how effective they can be as teaching tools, you will want to get your hands on one quickly. The guide will also help you compare different pedals to make sure you choose one right for you.

Once you get a looper pedal and use it in your lessons, you will never look back.