New business guides: Using Facebook as a marketing tool

A new guide has been added to the Business Guides section that will help you use Facebook to promote your lessons and attract new students.

There are a number of ways you can use Facebook to attract new students. BMK-06 Using Facebook will explain the basics of Facebook and how you could use it as a free way to spread the word about your tuition service. BMK-07 Facebook Marketing Strategies will give you specific strategies you can easily implement to start attracting new students. They are easy to understand and even if you haven't used Facebook before you will appreciate how effective the strategies can be.

If you're trying to attract new students then these guides will give you a kick start without costing a cent.

Check out the guides here

BMK-06 Using Facebook

BMK-07 Facebook Marketing Strategies

More marketing strategies will be added to BMK-07 over time so keep an eye on the News Section to stay up to date with new strategies.