Facebook Ads Course Expanded

Our Facebook Ads Course covers all the essential steps and strategies needed to get the most out of advertising on Facebook. It walks you through all the steps and shows you how to track your ad's performance and make better decisions with your ads.

We've been running quite a few experiments with Facebook Ads to figure out best practices and strategies. One of our experiments yielded the best results we've ever seen in an online paid ad so we've added an entire module to the course to explain the strategy and how you can achieve similar results.

So what did we achieve with our strategy?

Our ad achieved two new students at a total cost of $0.66.


If you've run Facebook Ads before, the above figures may look a bit odd. How can an ad achieve 10 website clicks and only cost 66c?

If you haven't run Facebook Ads before, then to give you some context, usually when an ad achieves a click to a website, that one click can cost anywhere from $0.5-2.00. So the fact that this ad achieved 10 clicks for an average cost of $0.07 per click is significant.


If you've been hesitant on spending money on advertising but want to try and attract new students, this strategy is a great way to get some advertising exposure while keeping an extremely low budget.

Check out the Facebook Ads Course now to find out how you can apply this strategy.