How to use Facebook Ads to find guitar students

People looking for guitar teachers no longer look out for posters around town, they no longer look up the classifieds in their newspaper and they certainly don't sit around at home waiting for a flyer to appear in their letterbox. So what do they do?

They search online. They either jump on Google and try to find a local teacher, or they jump on social media and ask around.

The simple fact is that behavior has shifted online and if you want to attract more students, you also need to shift online.

Using social media such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube is a great way to put yourself in front of potential students. We've written guides on how to get started with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and being on those platforms is a good start.

But how can you ramp up your efforts and potentially attract more students in a short timeframe?

In our latest course, we explain how to use laser targeted Facebook Ads to attract new students. You might wonder why you should consider spending money on Facebook Ads when you don't pay money to run your Facebook Page.

Here are a few reasons why Facebook Ads are worth considering:

  • Target people by age: if you want to teach people in a specific age range (eg: teenagers or middle aged adults), it's easy to create ads that only reach those people.
  • Target people by interests: if you want to teach people who like a certain style of music, easy. People who like a certain guitar brand? Done. A band or musician? Simple. Targeting potential students by interests is incredibly powerful.
  • Target people by situation: want to target children? Target their parents with a simple click. Want to target school teachers? Simply select their job title and your ads will reach them.
  • Target people by location: targeting your nearby neighborhood or a nearby town is simple and highly effective. If you create an ad saying that you're within 5 minutes of the person's location, that's a compelling way to grab attention.

There are other benefits but the main point to consider here is that Facebook Ads allow you to target people in ways that aren't possible with any other marketing method. You can create a specific ad laser focused on a type of student and that ad will be far more effective than a general 'learn guitar' ad.

As an example, let's say you want to target potential students who meet the following criteria:

  • Live within 10 miles of Norwood
  • Fans of metal music and specifically Metallica
  • Fans of ESP guitars
  • Male teenagers

That's an incredibly specific type of person. When you get that specific, it's easy to create an ad that grabs their attention. Here is an example of an ad you could create:

Facebook ad example

Notice how well it will grab the attention of the people we're targeting. Instead of creating a generic 'learn guitar now' ad, this ad focuses on what those people are interested in. If a male teenager who likes Metallica, ESP guitars and lives in Norwood saw this ad and saw another ad that gave a generic 'learn guitar now' vibe, which one do you think they would go for?

That's the potential power of Facebook Ads - you have the potential to create highly targeted ads that will grab the attention of the right people.

In our course we will explain the best practices and tricks to get the most out of Facebook Ads. You will learn to avoid the common mistakes we see all the time and create ads that are designed to succeed.


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