New lesson plans: Country style

Here's a couple new guitar lesson plans to use to introduce your student to Country style playing.

COU-01 Basic Country Style Licks

This lesson provides a broad overview of the country style of playing so you can see if your student is interested in pursuing the style or not. The licks cover rhythm and lead so the student will be able to see a few different aspects of the style.

COU-02 Chicken Pickin'

Chicken Pickin' is a type of hybrid picking used often in Country music. This lesson will teach your student how to use the technique to achieve a country sound. The lesson will also teach your student how they can change licks they already know to use Chicken Pickin'.

We have also created a new guide to help new teachers work through their first few guitar lessons.

TBE-01 Topics to Avoid in Early Lessons

 This guide will provide you with topics that can easily discourage new students. By avoiding these topics in the first few lessons, you will have a better chance of the student staying with you. The guide explains why these topics should be postponed until later lessons. If you're just getting started as a guitar teacher, this guide help you avoid a lot of problems.

COU-02 Chicken Pickin'

About this lesson plan

This guitar lesson plan will teach your student how to use Chicken Pickin'. Chicken Pickin' is a form of hybrid picking used to create a 'clucking' sound in country licks. Even if you don't know how to play Chicken Pickin', the Teacher's Guide will explain the technique and how to teach it to your student. This is a great introduction to country style playing and hybrid picking.

This lesson will teach your student:

  • The Chicken Pickin' technique
  • Various licks using Chicken Pickin'
  • How to use the technique in improvising

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