New lesson material: Guide tones

A new guitar lesson plan has been included in the Lesson Materials Section on guide tones. Guide tones will help your student improve their improvisation by selecting certain notes that compliment the backing chords. Once your student learns to use guide tones effectively, their confidence in their improvisation skills will increase. Your student will be able to come up with more interesting solos and sound more 'musical'.

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INT-09 Guide Tones

About this lesson

Guide tones will help your student transform their improvisation skills to a whole new level. Using guide tones can help the student target notes that will bring out the interesting qualities of the underlying chords. If your student is getting bored with basic Pentatonic Scales and doesn't feel like they're creating interesting sounding licks, this lesson will give them something new to work with. Most students will understand guide tones without much explanation but it's still a good idea to explain the theory in a lesson before looking at this content. This lesson plan contains a chord progression using guide tones and then gives an example on how the student could apply the guide tones in their music. The included lesson instructions clearly explains the concept in simple terms.

This lesson plan will help your student:

  • Build a stronger understanding of chords
  • Learn to choose notes that bring out the unique qualities of chords
  • Improve their improvisation skills
  • Create more interesting solos and licks

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