New lesson plans - Chords, Improvisation, Blues

Here's the latest lesson plans added to the Lesson Materials section. A large number of new lesson plans will be added this week as part of our commitment to triple the number of resources available. More updates will be provided shortly.

CHD-07 Moving Open Chord Shapes

This lesson will teach your student how they can come up with new chords based on open chord shapes they already know. The lesson plan uses a few examples to show how combining open chord shapes with open strings can create lush sounding chords. The Teacher's Guide will explain how you can use this lesson to teach the student how to come up with fresh chord progressions, understand why some positions work and others don't as well as simply teaching the student to experiment. Beginners will enjoy this lesson as it will increase the number of chords they feel comfortable with.


IMP-01 - Using Themes in Solos

This lesson is suitable for intermediate to advanced students wanting to improve their soloing skills. The lesson will teach the student how to create, develop and incorporate themes into their solos or improvisation. A step by step process is given which makes it very easy for you to teach.


CHD-03 Ninth Chords

This lesson continues on from CHD-02 Seventh Chords and focuses on the main forms of ninth chords the student will come across. The theory is explained in the Teacher's Guide so you can easily explain it to the student.


BLU-04 Blues in Open G Tuning

If your student wants to learn the blues, this lesson is a great way to break out of the standard Pentatonic or Blues scale positions. The Open G Tuning will force the student to stop thinking about positions and start thinking about what notes to play. The musical examples demonstrate what is possible in this tuning.