New guitar lesson plan series: In the style of

A new guitar lesson plan series is available to help you cater to your student's needs. If a student wants to learn a bit about a certain guitarist, these lesson plans are ideal. They focus on the core techniques, licks, influences and styles the guitarist is known for. They're great to capture the interest of beginners not sure what to do on guitar and provide a great way to show students how to use techniques in musical ways.

These guitar lesson plans work best when used in combination with song transcriptions. These 'in the style of' lesson plans give the student a quick overview of the guitarist and any song transcriptions you provide the student will help them work towards specific songs.

We've only just started creating these lesson plans so keep an eye on the News Section for updates. Here's a few to start with so you can get an idea on what they're all about:

PRO-01 Stevie Ray Vaughan Rhythm

Looks at a few different ways SRV approached blues rhythm. Your student will learn how to use ninth chords, muted rakes and adding embellishments to basic chords. Any blues student will enjoy learning the examples and techniques used.

PRO-02 Stevie Ray Vaughan Lead

Looks at SRV's approach to lead playing. The lesson focuses on SRV's influences and how he took those influences and incorporated them in his own way. This is a great way to teach your student how to develop their own style instead of merely learning licks.

PRO-03 Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen popularized a lot of lead techniques but this lesson focuses on a few and shows how the student can use them in musical ways. The included Teacher's Guide explains everything in detail so even if you're not familiar with the techniques used (like violining), the guide will help you teach them effectively.

Want to see a lesson plan on a certain guitarist? Contact us and we'll put one together.