New lesson plans: Eric Johnson & Joe Satriani

New guitar lesson plans have been created to give your students a quick snapshot of the style of Eric Johnson & Joe Satriani. These lesson plans are handy if you want to see how interested your student may be with their style or just to teach them new approaches to guitar.

PRO-04 Eric Johnson

This lesson focuses on a couple unique aspects of Eric Johnson's playing such as his use of chord voicings, hybrid picking and triads. This style would suit most intermediate students interested in more lead playing.

PRO-05 Joe Satriani

This lesson looks at how Joe Satriani uses tapping, legato and modes in his style. The examples are quite technical so aren't suitable for beginners. Intermediate and advanced students would benefit from this lesson even if they have not heard anything by Joe before.

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PRO-05 Joe Satriani

About this lesson plan

This guitar lesson plan looks at a few unique aspects of Joe Satriani's playing style. Each example focuses on one specific technique to help you gauge the student's interest in the technique or style. The pieces are quite technical so are not suitable for beginners. If the student is interested in the pieces used it would be worth spending some time working on some of Joe's songs.

This lesson will teach your student:

  • How to use legato up and down a single string
  • Use both hand tapping in different ways
  • Use modes in progressions

The Teacher's Guide explains each example in detail so you can properly teach it even if you aren't familiar with the techniques or Joe's style of playing.

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