New lesson material: The Major Scale and Key Signatures

A new lesson plan has been added to the Lesson Materials Section covering the major scale and key signatures. Many guitar teachers use the circle of fifths as a way of explaining how key signatures work and how the major scales are all related. This resource takes a different approach and has been found to be more effective in teaching students the basic theory behind scales. The included lesson instructions will guide you through the lesson and cover all the important points.

Even if you have a limited understanding of music theory this lesson plan will explain everything clearly for you and your student.

Access the resource here: MTH-07 Major Scales and Key Signatures

There are more lesson plans available on the major scale in the Lesson Materials Section here.

MTH-07 Major Scales and Key Signatures

About this lesson

This resource will help you explain the theory behind key signatures. Guitar teachers often use the circle of fifths to explain key signatures and major scales and this resource has been tested and found to be more effective and easier to teach. A simple grid is used to clearly show how each interval fits in to each key. The resource also includes information on harmonizing the scale as well as the major scale formula.

Once you give this resource to your students, they will use it again and again to figure out the notes in chords, scales, chord progressions and eventually write songs. The best part is you don't have to explain the theory, it's all mapped out clearly.

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