New lesson material: Natural Harmonics

A new lesson has been added to the Lesson Materials Section to help you teach Natural Harmonics to your students. Natural Harmonics can be used to tune the guitar so even if your student doesn't encounter them in music they can still use the technique.

Access the lesson TEC-05 Natural Harmonics here

There will be lesson material for the other types of harmonics so keep an eye on the News Section for more updates.

TEC-05 Natural Harmonics

About this lesson

If you want to mix things up a bit and teach your student something different, spend some time explaining natural harmonics to them. Students often find them interesting to play so it's a good way to keep someone's interest going. This lesson shows how the student can use harmonics to tune the guitar as well as how they could be used in music. The included lesson instructions will provide you with plenty of ideas on how to explain harmonics to your student.

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