Marketing is the key to your success as a guitar teacher. Everything you do for your guitar teaching business outside of your lessons involves marketing. The common mistake we see is for guitar teachers to assume that marketing = promotion. In fact, promotion is only one aspect of marketing. Unless you understand and work on the other aspects of marketing, you're going to have a hard time achieving good results.

Marketing is actually a skill - just like learning guitar or playing a sport. As a guitar teacher you no doubt give your students drills and exercises all the time with the intention of practicing and building skills. Those basic skills you teach your students becomes the foundation to their guitar abilities.

The same is true in marketing - you need to understand the topic thorough and practice the basics. This course will give you plenty of practice in the most essential areas of marketing. By the end of this course you will have completed enough practice that you will find it easy to start working on marketing your guitar teaching business properly.

The goal of this course is to provide you with the knowledge and skills first year marketing students learn at University. Only the most important and valuable aspects have been included. This course is highly recommended for every guitar teacher.

Prerequisites: to gain access to the Marketing 101 Course, you first need to complete the Business Fundamentals Course. Once you complete the course you will gain access. This is because the Marketing 101 Course builds on the fundamentals covered in that course.

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