This is a 12 week course covering all the essentials on starting your own guitar teaching business. If you want to start teaching guitar this course will give you the best start point and provide you with a clear direction on how to succeed. If you're already teaching guitar you can use this course to review your business and look for ways to improve.

Every week for twelve weeks a new module is released covering a different aspect of your business. The modules build up your understanding in a way that you can build your business right from the start.

The course is split into four parts over the 12 weeks:

Part 1: Building Your Foundation - starts you on the right path for your goals
Part 2: Gaining Expert Status - gives you an 'expert' status students will look for
Part 3: Promotional Strategies - helps you reach the right people in the right mediums
Part 4: Achieving your goals - gives you the tools to work towards success

By the end of the twelve weeks you will have developed an excellent understanding on what it takes to really succeed as a guitar teacher and you will be able to take your guitar business in whatever direction you want. Along the way we can provide you with extra support and advice so you will always have help if you need it.

Part 1: Building Your Foundation

Module 1 Week 1: Your Goals
This week will focus on the most important aspect of your guitar teaching business: your goals. Knowing what you want to achieve before starting will prevent a lot of frustration and help you make sure you choose a path that you will enjoy.
Unit 1 Why Goals Are Important
Unit 2 Choosing Your Goals
Unit 3 Creating a Business Plan
Unit 4 Week 1 Summary
Module 2 Week 2: Choosing Your Target Audience
This week will explain why it's important you be selective with what students you take on. By the end of this module you will know exactly what type of students you want to attract for your business and how to do it. This topic is often overlooked by other teachers but can make a significant difference to your success.
Unit 1 Broad vs Specific Targeting
Unit 2 Using Demographics
Unit 3 Using Psychographics
Unit 4 Finding Your Niche
Unit 5 Week 2 Summary
Module 3 Week 3: Creating Your Brand
This week's module will help you create a brand that fits your goals and your target audience. As you will learn, your brand is much more than a logo and a slogan, it's how people will decide whether to choose you or somebody else.
Unit 1 Your Brand and Your Success
Unit 2 Your USP
Unit 3 Your Logo and Image
Unit 4 Lesson Materials and Methods
Unit 5 Week 3 Summary

Part 2: Gaining Expert Status

Module 1 Week 4: Using Credibility Indicators
This week will explain how to properly use credibility indicators to build your credibility as a guitar teacher. This is a very misunderstood topic and can make a big difference to how prospective students think of you. When done right, it will help you attract more students.
Unit 1 Understanding Credibility
Unit 2 External Credibility Indicators
Unit 3 Internal Credibility Indicators
Unit 4 Building Your Credibility
Unit 5 Week 4 Summary
Module 2 Week 5: Building Your Reputation
This week will explain how you can influence your reputation and build it over time. Learn mistakes other guitar teachers make and how to avoid them. Case studies will show real life examples of how other guitar teachers have built up both positive and negative reputations. This is an important topic for all guitar teachers to master.
Unit 1 Understanding Reputation
Unit 2 Reputation Mistakes to Avoid
Unit 3 Growing a Positive Reputation
Unit 4 Reputation Case Studies
Unit 5 Week 5 Summary
Module 3 Week 6: Having Quality Conversations
Learn how to make the most out of every conversation. As a guitar teacher your conversations skills are crucial to your success. Learn effective conversation techniques in and outside of your lessons.
Unit 1 Conversation Principles
Unit 2 Talking to Prospective Students
Unit 3 Talking to Current Students
Unit 4 Talking to Other Businesses
Unit 5 Week 6 Summary

Part 3: Promotional Strategies

Module 1 Week 7: Your Website
Your website is a crucial component to your success as a guitar teacher. Learn how to apply best practices and strategies to ensure your website works effectively today and in the future
Unit 1 Why Your Website Matters
Unit 2 Website Basics
Unit 3 Building an Audience
Unit 4 Premium Services
Unit 5 Website Best Practices
Unit 6 Week 7 Summary
Module 2 Week 8: Social Media
Learn how to use social media to build your reputation as a guitar teacher, attract more students and build a large following. Social media is an important part of promotion so find out how to use it properly
Unit 1 Why Use Social Media
Unit 2 Social Media Mistakes
Unit 3 Choosing A Platform
Unit 4 Using Posts Effectively
Unit 5 Creating a Social Media Plan
Unit 6 Social Media Case Study
Unit 7 Week 8 Summary
Module 3 Week 9: Offline Promotion
Learn how to think about promoting your lesson service offline and avoid the common mistakes so many other guitar teachers experience. Figure out an ideal promotional strategy for your goals.
Unit 1 Offline Marketing Basics
Unit 2 Flyers and Posters
Unit 3 Offline Advertising Alternatives
Unit 4 Generating Referrals
Unit 5 Forming Partnerships
Unit 6 Week 9 Summary

Part 4: Achieving Your Goals

Module 1 Week 10: Overcoming Problems and Issues
Every guitar teacher will experience a range of issues along the way. While you cannot prevent all issues from occurring, there are ways you can prevent a lot of them. This week's module will show you how to prevent and deal with a range of different problems and issues.
Unit 1 Dealing With Problems
Unit 2 Student Based Issues
Unit 3 Business Based Issues
Unit 4 Large Scale Issues
Unit 5 Week 10 Summary
Module 2 Week 11: Opportunities and Threats
What opportunities are available to you now and what have you missed out on? What threats are there that could negatively impact your guitar teaching business? This module will help prepare you for any opportunities or threats that could appear in the future. Your long term success as a guitar teacher depends on how you deal with these situations.
Unit 1 Long Term Goals
Unit 2 Competitors
Unit 3 Complacency
Unit 4 Local Opportunities
Unit 5 Online Opportunities
Unit 6 Week 11 Summary
Module 3 Week 12: Growing Your Business
Find out how to succeed in the future as a guitar teacher and what paths you have available to you right now.
Unit 1 Your Future as a Guitar Teacher
Unit 2 Selling Products and Other Services
Unit 3 Offline Growth Options
Unit 4 Online Growth Options
Unit 5 Stretch Goals
Unit 6 Week 12 Summary
Module 4 Bonus
Your bonus for completing this course
Unit 1 Bonus For Completing This Course