Applying marketing strategies from eBay, Hotel Booking websites and more

When most guitar teachers think of marketing strategies they can use to attract new students, they often think of flyers, posters, business cards or maybe some advertising in a local newspaper. Most guitar teachers think of those strategies because that's what worked in the past. Today more and more teachers are finding that those marketing methods are no longer effective or less effective.

A guitar teacher used to be able to send out some flyers and put up a couple of posters and within a week gain some new students. That's very rarely the case today. Why? Potential students no longer wait for a flyer to arrive or look for a poster in the hopes of finding a guitar teacher. Instead they look online. A quick Google search will give them all the details they need.

As a guitar teacher, you need to also turn your marketing attention online. If potential students are looking for guitar teachers online, you want to be there too.

A lot of our guides and courses explain the basics of marketing online, but we can go much further. Learning from other industries and learning from how companies promote their services is a great way to find out what works and what doesn't.

In our guide BMK-23 Scarcity Marketing, you will learn the incredibly effective strategies and tactics used by hotel booking websites, eBay, online retailers and other industries.

At first you may not see any connection between a hotel booking website and your business, but there is. A hotel booking website's goal is to attract people wanting to book a hotel and persuade them to book one. Your goal as a guitar teacher is to attract potential students and book them in to lessons. While there's a big difference between booking a hotel and a guitar lesson, the marketing strategies you can use are very similar.

In the guide we explain the strategy hotel booking websites use to encourage people to take action now. With a few simple changes to your marketing approach, you can dramatically increase the number of potential students contacting you.

If you haven't heard of scarcity marketing before or don't know how to apply it to your guitar teaching business, read through BMK-23 as it will give you the tools you need to help persuade people to sign up for lessons.