Episode 01: How to Approach Marketing Your Guitar Teaching Business

About this podcast

This podcast will explain the best way to approach marketing your guitar teaching business. This is a topic often overlooked by guitar teachers. The result of neglecting this topic is frustration and problems later on.

The episode will discuss:

  • Common problems other guitar teachers experience with marketing
  • How to avoid those problems and why they occur in the first place
  • Steps to get started with your marketing
  • Advice on having the right mindset when it comes to marketing
  • Case studies of problems in action

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Links to relevant resources

The entire BMK series of business guides will help you learn more about individual marketing methods. They also provide you with advice on how to get started with best practices. Once you listen to the podcast and read through the PDF, you will have a clear idea on what steps to take next. The BMK series will help you get started with your chosen marketing method. Access the BMK series in the Business Guides Section here.

Marketing 101 - a new course covering the fundamental skills and principles you need to have to successfully market your guitar teaching business.

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EXP-09 Starting a Podcast

About this guide

Podcasting is a great way to expand your guitar teaching business. With a podcast you're able to reach a much wider audience of people and build a relationship with your audience. Over time this can lead to more students, business opportunities and more. While podcasts are normally audio only, in this guide we will also talk about video podcasts - called vodcasts.

If you're looking for a way to reach new students and feel confident recording your voice, podcasting is worth trying out.

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