MTH-08 Seventh Chords

About this lesson

This lesson plan will introduce your student to seventh chords. The three basic forms of seventh chords are explained in detail with diagrams. The included lesson instructions will help you explain the theory in the easiest way possible. Beginners often get confused when trying to understand the difference between Gmaj7, G7 and Gm7 so this lesson is focused on making the differences easy to understand. It's recommended you spend some time teaching your student some basic music theory before explaining seventh chords. You can use lessons MTH-01 and MTH-07 to cover the basic theory first.

This lesson plan will help teach your student:

  • How to identify the different types of seventh chords
  • Understand the theory behind each chord
  • Figure out seventh chord positions based on Major and minor chord shapes
  • Form arpeggios across the neck

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