Tips and hints to get more out of tutoring

Using an iPad in your lessons

The wide range of guitar and music apps available on the iPad make it a fantastic teaching tool. Check out TTL-04 to find out how you can use it in your guitar lessons. More

Looking for an easy way to teach modes?

Modes are important to learn but can be confusing for students. Our SCA lesson series contains seven simple resources to help you teach your student one mode at a time. Check them out. More

Want to introduce your student to Jazz?

Jazz is a great style to learn and a great way for your student to put some music theory to use. Check out JAZ-03 to teach your student how to come up with Jazz style walking bass lines. More

Want to teach your student how to play the blues?

The blues is easy to teach and students love being able to play the simple rhythms and play easy blues licks. You can use BLU-02 to teach your student how to improvise and BLU-03 to teach your student how to play the 12 bar blues shuffle. More

How can I find new students?

Possibly the most effective way is to have your own website you can promote online. You can easily set up your own website in minutes by clicking here. More

Keep kids interested during lessons

If you have trouble keeping children interested and motivated during lessons, this teaching guide (TTQ-04) will help you keep the children interested and full of attention. More

Want an easy way to teach modes?

It can be tough to teach modes so we have developed a simple way for you to explain them to your students and more importantly, how to apply the modes. The first guide on the Ionian Mode (SCA-04) introduces modes in a simple way. More

Want to be able to encourage your student to practice more often?

It's pretty hard to control how your student practices outside of lessons. So we created PRA-02 Practice Session Breakdown, a resource to help you plan out your student's practice session so they know exactly what to practice. It's incredibly effective and you will notice your student developing faster. More

How to use Facebook to find new students

Using Facebook to find new students is a free and effective marketing strategy. In BMK-06 and BMK-07 you will find detailed guides on how to use Facebook to attract new students. More

My student has trouble with picking, what can I do?

You'll find that many students struggle to grasp the basics of picking and tend to pick the wrong strings. Using some picking exercises is a great way to fix this issue. Check out TEC-09 for some useful picking exercises. More