BMK-22 How to Sell like Apple

About this guide

Whether you like Apple products or not, there's no denying that they're excellent marketers. The launch of any new iProduct is always met with people camping out the front of their stores and people buying them up in a frenzy. From the release of the first iPod in 2001, Apple has grown to a value of over $700B. While you as a guitar teacher may not be selling shiny electronic devices like Apple, we can learn from their marketing expertise.

How do Apple convince a person with an iPhone 5 to buy an iPhone 6? How do they convince people that they also need to buy an Apple Watch and an iPad?

This guide will break down a few key elements of Apple's marketing tactics and show you how you can apply them to your own business.

Experts of Sales Copy

'Copy' is what marketers call any text used to persuade people to take an action. The text on your website is sales copy - the purpose of that text is to establish your credibility and persuade potential students to contact you and sign up for lessons. Apple are experts at Copywriting and have been following a steady formula for quite a number of years.

Let's look at a few elements out of Apple's marketing then look at how you can apply these lessons to your own marketing.

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Marketing 101 Course for Guitar Teachers

Marketing is the most important aspect of building your guitar teaching business. With a poor marketing approach, you will struggle to find and keep new students. We've created a comprehensive course on marketing based on what we learned studying marketing formally at University.

If you can understand and apply the principles and lessons covered in this course, you will succeed with your guitar teaching business. That may seem like a bold claim, but as you go through the course, you will learn what causes people to sign up for lessons and how you can influence their decision.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to properly understand the market for guitar students and how you play a part in it
  • Why people buy products and sign up for services
  • How to change the way you write and speak to motivate people to choose you as their teacher
  • The main aspects of marketing and why most guitar teachers are missing most of the picture

You will also have plenty of opportunity to actually practice your marketing skills within the course. Marketing is a skill like any other and requires practice over time. The course has been designed to give you as much practice as possible before you start applying your skills on your guitar teaching business.

Access the Marketing 101 Course Now

At the end of the course you will have the opportunity to receive ongoing marketing lessons and support not found anywhere else on this website. Highly recommended for all guitar teachers.

New Reports for Members

Members now have three different reports you can request to help you improve your guitar teaching business' online presence. You can request up to one report per month which is a great way to keep track of any changes you make to your website or to keep track of your online position over time.

The three reports available are:

SEO Report

This report analyzes how easily potential students can find you online. We will take a look at what keywords and phrases your website is currently ranking well for, what keywords you should be ranking for, and provide recommendations on how to improve your website's ranking. This is a thorough report that explains in plain English what you need to do to attract more visitors to your website and how to outrank your competitors.

Find out more about our SEO Report for Guitar Teachers here

Website Analysis Report

While it's easy to put a website together, building an effective website is significantly harder. Large businesses invest massive amounts of money to make sure their websites work effectively. This report will give you a thorough picture of your website's current effectiveness and how to improve it. We will look for any problems and issues to fix, look for ways to improve performance and provide plenty of recommendations to get the most out of your website.

Find out more about our Website Analysis Report for Guitar Teachers here

Social Media Report

Social media is a very effective way to reach potential students and build your reputation as a guitar teacher. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to work out how to use social media properly. We've researched hundreds of different guitar teachers and how they use social media and we know what works and what doesn't. This report will analyze the way you are currently using social media and provide you with detailed recommendations on how to achieve better results. Examples are provided so you will know exactly how to implement the recommendations.

Find out more about our Social Media Report for Guitar Teachers here

These reports provide you with specific advice on improving your online position as a guitar teacher. While our Business Guides can help you achieve better results, the advice in these reports are tailored around your situation and your goals. The reports are free as part of membership so request one and use the advice to build your long term future as a guitar teacher.

Episode 01: How to Approach Marketing Your Guitar Teaching Business

About this podcast

This podcast will explain the best way to approach marketing your guitar teaching business. This is a topic often overlooked by guitar teachers. The result of neglecting this topic is frustration and problems later on.

The episode will discuss:

  • Common problems other guitar teachers experience with marketing
  • How to avoid those problems and why they occur in the first place
  • Steps to get started with your marketing
  • Advice on having the right mindset when it comes to marketing
  • Case studies of problems in action

Click the play button below to listen to the episode:

Download PDF Summary

We've put together a one page summary of this episode including the most important points to remember. Download it below.

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Links to relevant resources

The entire BMK series of business guides will help you learn more about individual marketing methods. They also provide you with advice on how to get started with best practices. Once you listen to the podcast and read through the PDF, you will have a clear idea on what steps to take next. The BMK series will help you get started with your chosen marketing method. Access the BMK series in the Business Guides Section here.

Marketing 101 - a new course covering the fundamental skills and principles you need to have to successfully market your guitar teaching business.

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BMK-01 Comparing Advertising Options

About this guide

If you want to advertise your guitar teaching business, it's important you know how to compare the different options and make an informed decision. The problem is that all the options are so different that it's hard to know what to look for. A newspaper ad is very different to a radio ad which is extremely different to online advertising.

This guide will provide you with a simple way to analyze the different advertising options and figure out which ones are worth spending money on. You will also protect yourself from wasting money by identifying ineffective and expensive advertising.

The guide will use four different advertising options to show you how to work out important metrics and compare the options.

Measuring Results

The problem a lot of guitar teachers experience with advertising is they don't know how to compare the advertising methods and end up losing a lot of money over time. Let's look at four examples to see why this is so important:

Example 1: You want to advertise in a local paper and it's going to cost you $20 every week.

Example 2: A local radio station offers a 30 second ad to run for two months for $500.

Example 3: An online guitar teacher directory has a 'premium' listing option for $30 a year.

Example 4: You can create a Facebook at that costs $0.30 per 1000 'impressions'

Making decisions on the above examples can be difficult. How do you know you're spending your money wisely? After two months will you know whether it's a good idea to keep going or not?

Unless you know exactly how well a paid advertising campaign is working, you could easily be wasting your money. Don't think that you can just keep track in your head, you need to be a bit more involved when you're spending your hard earned money.

Let's look at how to figure all of this out and pick the best advertising options for your guitar teaching business.

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New feature for members: Online Marketing Report

Members can now request a detailed Online Marketing Report which analyzes how easy it is for new students to find you online and contact you. Your report will break down your online presence into easy to understand sections so you can see exactly where you're at and how you compare to your competitors.

We provide recommendations on effective ways you can increase your online presence and we'll help you out the entire way.

Benefits for new guitar teachers:

  • Avoid trial and error and start on the right path
  • Attract students from the very start
  • Use effective marketing strategies that have been tested with other guitar teachers

Benefits for established guitar teachers:

  • Ensure competitors don't overtake you
  • Improve your visibility to locals
  • Expand your student base
  • Get a snapshot of your current marketing effectiveness

The report is completely free for Live and Teach Guitar Members and there are absolutely no strings attached. We're doing this to provide you with quality advice to improve your situation.

To request your own report, simply fill out this form. We'll email you with your report once we complete it.

BMK-12 Guitar Lesson Flyers

About this resource

The best way to attract new students is to use a mix of marketing and promotion methods. A simple letterbox drop can be enough to build your student base quickly. If somebody is considering learning guitar and they receive a flyer in the mail it may be enough for them to take action and give you a call. Flyers work well if you emphasize the fact that you're based locally as students will like knowing they can easily walk/drive to your location. Download one or more of the following templates, customize it to suit your needs and print them off. If you don't want to spend time and money with online marketing methods, using flyers will do the job well enough for you.

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New marketing guide: People buying guitars as gifts

A new marketing guide is available to help you attract new students during the Christmas holidays. A lot of children and adults will be receiving their first guitar as a present. This is a great opportunity to promote yourself as a teacher and book them in for lessons. The guide will give you detailed strategies on how to promote yourself to the people buying the guitar as a gift. They're already spending a lot of money on a guitar so they are very likely to spend some extra money for lessons with you.

Check out the guide and use the strategies to find some new students ready for 2013.

Access the guide here: BMK-11 Marketing to people buying guitars as gifts

More marketing guides are available in the Business Guides Section.

New Business Guide: Word of Mouth Marketing Strategies

A new business guide has been added to the Business Guides Section on word of mouth marketing. It covers various strategies you can use to attract new students without spending any money. Word of mouth is an extremely powerful way to spread the word if you're just starting out as a teacher or if you want to grow your business. Have a read through the guide and the examples will show you exactly how to implement the strategies and why they work.

Access the guide here: BMK-05 Word of Mouth Marketing Strategies

More Business Guides on marketing can be found at the Business Guides Section here.

BMK-05 Word of mouth marketing

About this guide

Word of mouth marketing can be the most powerful marketing strategy if used the right way. In this guide we will look at various ways you can promote your tuition business through word of mouth without spending a cent. You can get started with one strategy and over time try new strategies to find which work best for you and bring you the most new students.

About word of mouth marketing

Every time somebody talks about you and your guitar tuition, that’s word of mouth in action. If for example one of your students mentions to somebody else that you teach guitar and you’re good at it, the other person is going to keep that in mind if they or somebody else wants to learn guitar. The key point is that you still need to be a very good teacher. Otherwise instead of your student telling others how good you are, they will tell everybody why they shouldn’t go with you.

So before we look at any marketing strategy, you must realize that you still need to be very good at what you do or none of the strategies will achieve good results. By following the Teaching Guides and using the Lesson Materials effectively, you can avoid being labeled as a bad tutor.

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