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New lesson material: Drop D Tuning

A new lesson has been added to the Lesson Materials Section to help you teach your student the basics on Drop-D Tuning. Once your student learns a few songs they will eventually come across a song in Drop D. This reference sheet will help you explain what Drop-D Tuning is and how your student can tune to Drop D.

Access the lesson TUN-02 Drop D Tuning here.

More alternate tuning reference sheets will be added to the TUN series over time so keep an eye on the Lesson Materials Section to find out which tunings are available.

New lessons and guides coming very soon

Lesson updates

This is an update to let everybody know that you will see quite a few new lessons and guides appear over the next couple of weeks. We have been working hard to write new materials you can use so keep an eye on the news section for more updates.

New feature coming soon!

Over the next month you will see an exciting new feature that will be jam packed with useful content to make your job a breeze. Stay tuned for more information.

How to attract new guitar students in 2012

The start of each year is the busiest time for guitar tutors as you will receive many enquiries from people wanting to learn guitar. The majority of the enquiries will be to teach school children as parents often decide to set up lessons at the start of the school year. It’s important that you’re prepared for all these enquiries and crucial that you are visible enough for prospective students to find you and contact you. In this post we will look at how you can attract more students in this crucial period.

Attracting students online

If you don’t already have a website promoting your tuition service then you need to get one. A large percentage of people will solely use the Internet to find a guitar tutor so if you don’t have an online presence they will not find you. BWS-01 What a website can do for you will explain why it’s so important to have your own site. Having your own site allows you to control your message to students. If you have a website, you can place a large message on the home page stating:

“New openings available for 2012, please contact me here to book in a time before all openings are taken.”

A simple message like this one creates a sense of urgency and gives the prospective student an incentive to take action now.

As an alternative to having your own website, you could promote your lessons online using an online teacher directory. These are free listings where you can create your own profile page so students can find and contact you. BMK-04 Listing on Online Teaching Directories gives you detailed instructions on how to create an effective profile that will set you apart from other tutors. This is important information as there will likely be other tutors in your area competing for prospective students. The strategies in that guide will ensure students are more likely to contact you first.

How to win students over

Once prospective students find and contact you, whether they decide to go with you or not is completely dependent on how you handle the situation. Will you be prepared to answer all their questions? Do you know your timetable back to front and can straight away suggest available times? Have you decided what rates to charge and can you handle any questions on discounts? How you handle these questions is paramount as this first contact will be the crucial first impression your potential student has of you. If you if and umm and sound like you aren’t prepared, they will assume you don’t know your stuff and move on to somebody else. On the other hand, if you have all answers ready you will sound professional and people are more likely to sign up on the spot.

There are a few guides available to help you win students in this first contact. BQA-01 FAQ from prospective students covers most of the questions you are likely to get and suggested answers. It’s highly recommended you read through this guide quite a few times to get a feel for the answers so when somebody contacts you, you will be prepared.

If you are just starting as a guitar tutor and haven’t decided on your rates yet, there are a few guides to help you set them and answer any questions related to rates and discounts. BPL-08 Setting your rates 1: Comparing the competition will guide you through setting your rates based on the competition in your area. BPL-09 Setting your rates 2: Prepaid lessons & discounts explains how to handle questions on prepaying lessons and whether you should offer discounts or not. It’s extremely important you read through the guide and follow the instructions as it will make a big difference to your income.

Be sure to read through BPL-02 Setting up your timetable and BPL-03 Properly managing your timetable to make sure you organize your timetable effectively to prevent any issues with clashing lesson times. Many potential issues are obvious until it’s too late, so read through the guide for more information.

Finally, you may want to decide whether you want to offer group lessons or only one-on-one lessons this year. Each have their own pros and cons so have a read through BPL-06 Group lessons and BPL-07 One-on-one lessons to fully understand the issues you need to consider.

Good luck in 2012 and we will guide you all the way

If this is your first year teaching then good luck and enjoy it! You have all the resources you need available at any time on this website so you should never feel worried or concerned. The guides listed above will explain in great detail actions to take to attract plenty of students. If you have already been teaching for a while then you should still read through all the guides as everybody can always improve their situation. There will be plenty of new guides and lesson materials in 2012 so keep an eye on the News Section. Good luck with your tuition service in 2012.

If you aren't yet a member to this site then you are missing out on all the resources listed above. These guides alone can make a significant difference to the income you earn from lessons and quality of the interactions with potential students. If you really want an advantage over your competition this year, then you should really consider registering for membership to this site. The professional lesson materials and guides are very valuable and can make a big different to your tuition service. You can read more information on what you would have access to here.

New lesson series

A new lesson series has been created and new lesson materials will be added to it over time. The TUN series looks at alternate tunings. Each resource will be a one-page fact sheet on the specific tuning including details on the notes on the fretboard, information on the tuning and diagrams explaining the changes. This will be extremely helpful to explain alternate tunings to your students and to help them compare tunings.

The first resource in this series is TUN-01 Standard Tuning which is your starting point when discussing tunings with your student.

Check out the other resources already available at the Lesson Materials Section.

New teaching guide series to help you plan lessons

A new series in the Teaching Guides section has been created called 'Example Learning Pathways'. Resources in this series will help you plan out your lessons and suggest the order of lessons you could take when teaching certain types of students. Although every student has different needs and you will need to teach everybody differently, the learning pathways can be thought of as a guide. You can use these learning pathways and change course as you see appropriate.

These learning pathways are extremely helpful to anybody just starting out at teaching as it will take the guesswork out of finding the next lesson material to give to your student.


The first learning pathway to be added to this series is TLP-01 Children. This learning pathway looks at an example on the order of lessons you could give children. Check it out here or visit the Teaching Guides section for more helpful guides.

New Business Guide on FAQ from prospective students

A new guide has been added to the Business Guides section that will help you answer FAQ from prospective students.

When a prospective student first contacts you, the first impression you make is crucial. Give poor answers to their questions and they will look elsewhere. Give great answers and you are very likely to gain a new student. This new business guide will prepare you for the most common questions new students ask tutors along with answers. The sample answers cover different scenarios so you can choose which work best with you.

This is a crucial resource for all tutors whether you have been teaching for years or have just started.

Check out the guide here - BQA-01 FAQ from Prospective Students

More questions and answers will be added to this guide over time so check back often.

New teaching guide on mnemonic devices

A new guide has been added to the Teaching Guides section to help you use mnemonic devices in your lessons.

This is very helpful when teaching children, however all students will benefit from using a few mnemonic devices. Many tutors have never considered how they could use mnemonic devices in their lessons so you will be at an advantage by using them. Don't let the unusual name fool you - they are actually extremely simple to use once you understand them. The guide will teach you all you need to know to get started.

Check out TTQ-01 Mnemonic Devices here

You can access other teaching guides by clicking here.



Update to business guide and new tool

We have just updated business guide BPL-01 Planning your lesson service and included an income calculator you can use to help plan your tuition.

This guide is fundamental to any new guitar tutor as it will spell out all the essential points you need to consider before accepting students. The step by step guide will help you determine how much you want to earn, how much time you want to spend teaching and what rates to set.

This guide alone is enough to prevent a lot of issues later down the track so make the most of it. The included tool is simple to use and will give you a very good idea of how to structure your lessons to make the most money.

If you have only just decided to teach guitar or are considering it, this guide should be your first read.

You can access the guide - BPL-01 Planning your lesson service - here.

Website update

We have just completed the complete rework of the website which provides members with an easier layout and system. We will be continuously adding new features and improving functionality so keep an eye on the News section for more important updates.