How to Start Your Own Guitar Teaching Business

If you want to earn an income teaching guitar then you'll be happy to find out that it's actually quite easy to start a guitar teaching business. In this guide you will learn exactly what to do to find your first students, how to promote your guitar teaching business and start making a living teaching guitar.


Planning Your Guitar Teaching Business

Too many new guitar teachers run in to trouble because they don't plan ahead and set up their guitar teaching business properly. To help you start on the right track and avoid the most common problems other guitar teachers struggle with, we've created easy to follow guides to plan your guitar teaching business.

Read through each guide to get started:

BPL-01 Planning Your Lesson Service - This guide will help you decide on what you want to achieve with your guitar teaching business

BPL-02 Setting Up Your Timetable - Learn best practices from successful guitar teachers and set up your timetable the right way.

BPL-08 Setting Your Rates 1: Comparing the Competition - Use this guide to figure out how much you should charge for guitar lessons and beat your competitors

BPL-09 Setting Your Rates 2: Prepaid Lessons and Discounts - Learn how to use discounts and prepaid lessons properly to attract more students

 Once you finish reading the above guides you will know exactly how to plan out your guitar teaching business the right way. Setting your business up the right way prevents a lot of headaches and dramas.


Marketing and Promoting Your Guitar Teaching Business

Once you have your guitar teaching business planned out you can start looking at promoting it. There are so many different ways you can promote your guitar lessons. Some methods work a lot better than others. Thinking of placing an ad in your local newspaper? Actually that's been tested and found to be the most expensive way to find new students. Don't waste your money on methods that don't work.

Read through these guides to promote your guitar lessons using only the most effective methods:

BMK-04 Listing on Online Teacher Directories - The guide explains which directories to list on what ones to avoid. Allows you to quickly reach a very large number of potential students.

BMK-05 Word of Mouth Marketing - Become an expert with one of the most powerful marketing methods. The guide explains step by step what to do and why the methods work.

BMK-07 Facebook Marketing Strategies - Facebook can bring you a lot of new students if you use it properly. We've tested many marketing strategies and give you the most effective. Learn step by step how to use them.

BQA-01 FAQ From Prospective Students - Once you start receiving calls/emails from potential students, it's important you learn how to handle the tough questions they will throw at you. This guide will help you answer the most common (and toughest) questions from prospective students.

In addition to these guides, we can also prepare you a detailed Online Marketing Report that analyzes your current online presence along with recommendations on how you can improve your situation.


Use High Quality Guitar Teaching Materials and Resources

After you go through all the steps above and get your guitar teaching business up and running, you will need to start giving high quality lessons to keep your students happy. Using the right guitar teaching materials can make a big difference.

Guitar Lesson Plans

Check out our range of guitar lesson plans and worksheets here


12 Week course to help you build your business foundation

While the above resources and guides give you a good starting point for your guitar teaching business, we've created a comprehensive 12 week course that tackles every important aspect and topic. You will be able to build your guitar teaching business to attract the right students and work towards your career or income goals. Every week you are presented with step-by-step instructions on how to properly set up and control different aspects of your teaching business. By the end of the 12 weeks you will be in a strong position to fill your timetable and keep your students happy.

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